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R 6.00

PS 30 D – the perfect yellow paper backed abrasive roll for quick work on larger surfaces

The abrasive roll PS 30 D truly shines when used for fast stock removal on larger surfaces. Made of highly durable paper, the backing allows for surface sanding carried out either by hand or using a machine. This premium abrasive is recommended for processing

  • wood,
  • paint, varnish and filler and,
  • to some degree, metal.

Optimum cutting force thanks to tear resistance and increased aggressiveness

Distinguished by its yellow paper, the abrasive roll PS 30 D by Klingspor combines extraordinary tear resistance with superior grain sharpness. Its grain sharpness gives the abrasive extra aggressiveness, allowing for stock removal with a high cutting force, e.g. during decorating work. The user can strip a significant amount of material off the workpiece with every pass. This fast stock removal rate produces a rough surface. It advisable to start with rough preparatory work before sanding with finer tools in several subsequent steps. While exceptionally tear-resistant, the D-weight yellow paper backing remains perfectly flexible. Users opting for the abrasive roll PS 30 D benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio.

Powerful, effective and fast