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KAMIKAZE 1KG - 31411

R 200.00


Reg. No. L4216 N-AR0106 Act No. 36 of 1947 W130194

A bait for the control of the harvester termite.




  • Ready to use bait.
  • Can be applied with a fertiliser spreader for larger areas.
  • 1 gram bait covers 1 m²
  • Low with holding period for grazing animals.


Sizes: 1 kg | 20 kg


How to get the best results: Scatter bait evenly over infested area and around actively working nest entrances. The best period in which to scatter bait is during May, June, July and August. Usually the termites are active from 11:00 until sundown. Scatter the bait on a day when termites are intensely foraging. One application will normally suffice to control the termites. Only scatter as much bait as the termites can carry to their nests on the day of treatment. Efekto Kamikaze allows the harvester termite time to take the bait back to the nest where it is distributed throughout the colony. Reproduction of the colony halts once the queens have been eliminated and the workers, who carried the bait, perish.


Where can it be used? On lawns, lucerne fields and pastures.