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OKAPI KNIFE - SINCE 1902 - BOX - FG02047

R 150.00

Originally manufactured in Solingen Germany, and in South Africa since 1988, the Okapi range of knives has become a South African Legend. These knives have probably been used more widely, and for every purpose related to knives that one could imagine, than any other brand of knives. The Lock Knife with its unique lock and lift ring is based on the classic Okapi design and the Carbon Steel blade and Impregnated Wooden handle remain true to the time-tested original. The Carbon Steel Blade is easily sharpened and retains an edge well.


Over the last century, these knives have become famous, with even the likes of Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones having been known to carry the 907E Okapi Lock-Knife with him for years. Compact, sturdy and built to last, this folding knife is the perfect item or gift for the outdoor lover.


Key Features:

- 140mm x 20mm x 20mm

- Instant adhesion

- 1.5mm x 19mm